At Tariq’s, you will find Leeds’ Indian food restaurant where spiced cuisine is at its best. Tariq’s offers a special atmosphere of Asian restaurants with numerous spice combinations and depth of flavors characteristic of Indian recipes. Indian dishes, delicately spiced, enhance the flavor of the cooking ingredients. The spices are delicately weaved into everyday dishes that will suit everyone’s tastes.

Traditional ingredients, Indian mastery of spices and blending of combinations tailored to each dish make any meal at Tariq’s a unique experience. You can explore the pallet of flavours Indian cuisine has to offer and enjoy a meal that will make Indian food your favourite. Indian cuisine uses spices and herbs in a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques. You can enjoy the creative use of spices in Tariq’s Indian cuisine restaurant. It is the best example of Indian cuisine in Leeds, with typical Indian food with spices that add the special flavor. Your only problem will be what to choose among the wonderful specialties prepared in this restaurant.

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