Whenever you decide you would like to have takeaway food from our restaurant, you can check our web site for takeaway menu and for order you can call 0113-2750011 b/w 17.00 to 00.00. We will quickly deliver your orders and we guarantee that our takeaway home delivery service is the best offer for Leeds Indian takeaways. Takeaway food also includes pizza delivery, not just Indian takeaways.


You can benefit from our local delivery service and while you comfortably browse online through our takeaway menus, you will see that there is a vast choice of both Indian takeaway menu and pizza takeaway.Your takeaway order can include your pick for our Indian takeaway menu or pizza takeaway, we will quickly deliver and you will be able to quietly enjoy your meal in the comfort of your home. Look no more for other Indian food takeaway, because we are the Indian restaurant takeaway you need. We are not just the best Indian takeaway, but also the providers of the best local deliver service. Choose us for Indian takeaway delivery and be sure to benefit from a quality takeaway delivery service


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